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Under REUSE Service you will find organizations, initiatives and companies that accept, pass on, repair or broker used items.

REUSE Service


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Clothing, textiles

General criteria

  • well preserved

  • visually beautiful
  • clean

  • functional

  • in entirety

  • no need for repair

  • suitable for direct further use

  • can be stored in the BENU REUSE transporter

  • and transported by a maximum of two people

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Excluded items :

Clothing, textiles, fur

We have decided not to sell clothes, textiles or furs through BENU REUSE. We generally reject the use of fur for ethical reasons. Incidentally, since June 2018 the breeding of fur animals has been banned in Luxembourg.

Several initiatives in Luxembourg collect clothes in order to use them further, e.g. charitable organizations but also various second-hand shops. You can find information on this under BENU Service.

With the BENU COUTURE project, we have been upcycling clothing since October 2018. In our professional tailor's atelier in Esch / Alzette, UpCycling fashion is designed, produced and sold in our own shop using used clothes. In the future, you will receive more information about our project on a new website from BENU COUTURE, many details about the global use of collected clothing and the problems of the steadily growing fast fashion industry.

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<span>BENU REUSE</span>  criteria

BENU REUSE criteria

Not all, but very many, used items can be passed on or searched for via BENU REUSE. Here you can find out which items are conveyed and which are excluded from conveyance.

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<span>REUSE</span> Service

REUSE Service

Many participate! Here you will find organizations, initiatives and companies that accept, pass on, repair or broker a wide variety of used items. Let yourself be surprised!

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