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At BENU REUSE you can conveniently search for and order used items from home. You can offer things that you no longer need and pass them on to interested customers. Whether as a private person, employee: in a public organization or a commercial company in Luxembourg: You are invited to join BENU REUSE.

Let's reuse and reduce waste together!

The multiple use of used materials and everyday objects saves raw materials, energy, emissions and waste. Less new production, less resource-intensive recycling and less landfill space are required.
Used items that are still in good condition, clean, complete and functional are passed on through BENU REUSE. Various things are not accepted, e.g. devices in need of repair or materials that are contaminated with pollutants. You can find out more about the criteria for a placement via BENU REUSE here

In contrast to conventional, commercial platforms, all objects and materials are passed on free of charge at BENU REUSE. Our BENU REUSE team picks up the offered items and delivers them directly to the customer. This pays a delivery fee with which we cover part of our costs for logistics and transport. Student indoor and non-profit organizations receive a discount on the delivery fee. Our answers to the most frequently asked questions explain how searching, ordering and offering works at BENU REUSE.

With BENU REUSE we want to raise awareness of the topic of waste reduction, reuse and sustainable consumption. We invite you to browse, find out more, get creative and rediscover your appreciation for what you have bought. BENU REUSE is just one of many structures in Luxembourg that are active in the field of recycling. Under REUSE Service you can find out where used items are accepted, passed on or repaired in Luxembourg.

BENU REUSE is a pilot project in the testing phase and is continuously being further developed, e.g. by evaluating current information on recycling management and recycling. You are cordially invited to participate, be it as part of REUSE Service or through your specialist knowledge. If you have in-depth information or knowledge of studies, e.g. on sustainability criteria, then join in and become an active member of the BENU REUSE community. Contact us here and we will discuss together how your experiences at BENU REUSE can be incorporated.

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<span>BENU REUSE</span>  criteria

BENU REUSE criteria

Not all, but very many, used items can be passed on or searched for via BENU REUSE. Here you can find out which items are conveyed and which are excluded from conveyance.

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<span>REUSE</span> Service

REUSE Service

Many participate! Here you will find organizations, initiatives and companies that accept, pass on, repair or broker a wide variety of used items. Let yourself be surprised!

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