What does BENU REUSE stand for?

BENU REUSE criteria

Do you have things you don't need anymore? Are you looking for an object or certain materials? Whether new or used, things can be transported if they are still in good condition, complete, aesthetic and clean. As we do not make any repairs or improvements at BENU REUSE, we usually only sell functional items, that is, items that do not need to be repaired and can be used directly by the customer. Items requiring repair will only be traded if the customer is specifically looking for them through a search ad.

We take care of the transport from the supplier to the customer. Therefore, the transported objects must not exceed the volume of our transporter BENU REUSE and can be loaded by two people from our team. Larger items such as furniture should be taken apart for transport. Here you will find our recommendations for preparing the transport of dismantled items. 

If you are looking for just one small article or if you want to pass it on, you may wonder if it makes sense pass it on via BENU REUSE. We try to coordinate as well as possible the transport routes necessary for the different deliveries. However, the cost of transporting an individual small item can be disproportionate. For example, for a single candlestick, it would make more sense to deliver it to a flea market near you.

General criteria BENU REUSE

  • well preserved

  • visually beautiful
  • clean

  • functional

  • in entirety

  • no need for repair

  • suitable for direct further use

  • can be stored in the BENU REUSE transporter

  • and transported by a maximum of two people

We set stricter standards for the intermediation in various categories, very much in line with sustainability. For example, building materials contaminated with pollutants should no longer be used, but should be disposed off properly. In the case of a used electrical device, it can also depend on the age and energy efficiency of a model if it still makes sense to continue using it.

You will find everything you need to know about this in the additional information. We also explain here why some items are excluded and what to watch out for when continuing to use them. You will also find advice and suggestions for more sustainable consumer practices.

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If your item cannot be delivered via BENU REUSE, consult the REUSE service. Here you will find many organizations, initiatives and businesses that accept, forward, repair or sell used items. Let yourself be surprised!

<span>BENU REUSE</span>  criteria

BENU REUSE criteria

Not all, but very many, used items can be passed on or searched for via BENU REUSE. Here you can find out which items are conveyed and which are excluded from conveyance.

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<span>REUSE</span> Service

REUSE Service

Many participate! Here you will find organizations, initiatives and companies that accept, pass on, repair or broker a wide variety of used items. Let yourself be surprised!

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