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You can take part in BENU REUSE!

Participating in BENU REUSE gives you the opportunity to receive your personal BENU REUSE seal. We will send you the corresponding seal as a PDF file. We also mark your username on with the seal so that other participants can recognize you as an active top user or expert.


Do you have in-depth knowledge in the field of sustainability, you have access to relevant studies and would like to help discuss and shape the BENU REUSE criteria? Then join in and receive the BENU REUSE Brain Seal! Together we will design an exemplary mediation platform with a sound sustainability background!


As soon as you have submitted five offers or inquiries to BENU REUSE within one year, you will receive the BENU REUSE TopUser seal! Let's prove together that we can move the world with things that weren't immediately bought!

The BENU seals are each valid for one year.If you would like to inquire about your BENU seal, please contact us!

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Do you want to join BENU Service?

Under BENU Service, we document charitable, public and commercial organizations, initiatives, institutions and companies in Luxembourg that accept, pass on, repair or broker used items in the REUSE area. The users will find all important information here, such as address, contact details and services offered.

We are happy about the many partners who are already participating today! Do you also work in the REUSE division? Would you also like to become a partner of REUSE Service? Then contact us!

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<span>BENU REUSE</span>  criteria

BENU REUSE criteria

Not all, but very many, used items can be passed on or searched for via BENU REUSE. Here you can find out which items are conveyed and which are excluded from conveyance.

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<span>REUSE</span> Service

REUSE Service

Many participate! Here you will find organizations, initiatives and companies that accept, pass on, repair or broker a wide variety of used items. Let yourself be surprised!

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Then contact us!

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